About the Album

A collection of solo piano paintings (with some strings) by Scott Pehnke.  


Captured Glimmers


Willow Cove


Baptismal Waters

4- Autumn Road

Rock and Ash


Midnight Flight

7- Cathedral of the Pines



Brook of Shadows

10- Moonlight Mist

Sweet Breath

Sit back, breathe in and enjoy.  Before you know it, youíll find yourself humming along to the melodic overtones of Captured Glimmers. Baptismal Waters will wash over you in a shower of jeweled tones.   The pensive nuances of Midnight Flight guide you on the roller coaster of contemplation as you find yourself aching for the next noteAlthough it feels dark at times, there is a vibrant offering of brighter notes as you ascend higher and higher to a glittering plateau of happiness and inner peace.  The romanticism of Princess will envelop you with its sweeping strings that stir your emotions to a heartbreaking crescendo, while the gentle lullaby of Sweet Breath will bring you to the calmest of calms with an ending that leaves the resolution to your imagination, begging for another listen. 

All tracks composed and arranged by Scott Pehnke (BMI).  Engineered and produced by Scott Pehnke.  Recorded at Alís Place.

Holy Grail Piano samples courtesy of Q Up Arts (www.quparts.com).
To my friends and family who have continuously supported my musical endeavors:  every kind word has been used as inspiration to fuel the creation of this CD.  Thank you for the energy.