About Me

Scott at work on his next album

Although I was raised in the suburbs of Long Island, the mountains of the Adirondacks on Lake George have always been my home. As the youngest child of a large family, I was treated to a healthy palette of musical genres. Like many, it was the magic conjured by the movie scores of John Williams that first lured me into the classical field. At age ten, I was introduced to the world of rhythms and studied behind the drum kit for five years; it was enough to awaken my instincts and understanding of the profound nature and the rapture hidden in groove.

At sixteen, I broke into other musical dimensions, instinctually exploring on a Casio keyboard. I followed it up with some formalized music education at Queens College, piano instruction and countless hours of piano pounding, sound synthesizing, multitracking and improvising.  I began composing, initiating the search for my own voice and feeding the desire to create a musical experience to share with as many people as possible.

Today my career is still in multimedia computer programming while my free time is divided between my two loves, my daughter and my music.